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<span class="blink"><center><font size="10" color="white" class="memek"><p>Hacked By Mr.L4604<br>Extreme in Information Technology</p></font></center></span>
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<p><font class="kontol" color="white">Messages:<br>Learning until you're stupid<br>
Syahrini?Cantik sih.Tapi kalau gua sayangnya sama luh syahrini gaada apa apanya :)<br>
Loveyou Nada Syifana Herwanda <3</font></p>
<center><font size='2' color='white' class="memek"><p>[Greetz]<br><font color="grey">| KATENBAD | Mr.CyB3R_INk146 | ACH4N_404 | Lunatic0de | ./s3cre3t | Senpai | Mr.hun74 | CyberM07 | Mr.CrAcKpOt_Id27 | ZER0-K | Mr.WorldWide | retr0 | Mr_X-Cyber99 | 4WSec | Up | syntax4ro | PockyDotID | MikoSan ID | Dr34mCyb3r | Dropd3ad | TgrCyber_Dotcoid | r00t666h0st | Mr.Al Frezy | Novita Candra P | Mr.l404 | CepzKun | AnakCulun./404 |</p></font></center>
<font align="right" class="kontol" size="3"><p>Contact Me:fb.com/EXI2TcyberTEAM/ <--leave a message here</p></font>
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